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The versatile “Premium compact 450/30 W” workshop compressor


Mobile power and performance


The key requirements for portable compressed air systems, such as those used in renovation work and similar applications, are to provide speed, reliability and, above all, outstanding work results. The “Premium compact 450/30 W” workshop compressor from Kaeser was therefore specifically designed to meet these demands.

Tradespeople carrying out maintenance and renovation work are often under considerable time pressure and frequently work alone. In such cases, assistance is always welcome, particularly if it provides power and performance exactly when and where it is needed. The powerful “Premium compact 450/30 W” reciprocating compressor is therefore the perfect work partner, as it makes working with compressed air a pleasure, even when carrying out solo projects. Tasks such as flooring and tile removal, chasing-in of conduits, gap filling, fastening of wooden panels or roof laths – to name just a few – are made simple. All that’s needed is a normal 230 V power supply socket.

With a displacement of 450 litres per minute, the “Premium compact 450/30 W” provides outstanding performance, yet is also easy to manoeuvre. Compact and lightweight, with rugged wheels and a strong transport grip, the unit can be easily moved to wherever it’s needed and can be supplied with stair-wheels to make negotiating steps and stairs simple.
A quality electric motor provides plenty of power, even with under-voltage caused by long extension power cables. The compressor’s two V-form high quality cylinders are machined using a special finishing process to ensure negligible frictional wear during operation. This, combined with corrosion-resistant valves with stainless steel reeds and travel-limiters, makes for exceptional reliability, minimum maintenance requirement and long service life. The compressor unit is mounted on a 30-litre air receiver into which it delivers air at a working pressure of 10 bar.

B-Premium-compact450-webThe “Premium compact 450/30 W” provides a reliable and efficient source of compressed air. Its excellent manoeuvrability also makes it the perfect choice for carrying out solo work projects. The unit is optionally available with stair-wheels (small image, right) to make negotiating steps and stairs simple.

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