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Mobile compressed air for the workshop


“Premium” and “Classic” product ranges for craftsmen


Craftsmen hold the quality of Kaeser’s piston compressors in high esteem. Now these machines come in two new ranges: “Premium” and “Classic”, superseding the previous “Economy” product line.
“Premium” compressors are built to cope with really hard work in the craftsman’s workshop. Models up to 1.5 kW have a new, easily serviceable compressor block with highly efficient cooling and are integrated with the motor in a single casing.

There are three product lines in the “Premium” range of piston compressors, the first comprising model 31 are of the classic design with power ratings from 0.75 to 3 kW, inlet volumes from about 130 to 660 litres/min, air receiver sizes from 10 to 90 litres and a maximum gauge pressure of 10 bar.
The second line is made up of three compressors, a striking feature of which is their compact design. Inlet volumes range from 160 to 300 litres/min, power ratings from 1.1 to 1.9 kW, and receiver volumes from 4 to 30 litres. The smallest model, called “Premium 160 Compact”, impresses with two special features: it can be carried by hand, and it is good for a maximum gauge pressure of 20 bar.
Six very compact compressors destined for hard work on construction sites constitute the “Premium Car” line. A frame with integrated handles and a sturdy sheet metal tray protect the compressor block and air receiver from impacts. The “Premium Car” compressors come with receiver sizes from 28 to 70 litres. Their power ratings from 1.1 to 3 kW cater for swept volumes from 200 to 660 litres/min.
“Classic” is the name of the new entry range with compressors of power ratings from 1.1 to 1.9 kW and inlet volumes from about 210 to 460 litres/min. According to capacity the volumes of the receivers vary from 10 to 90 litres. All twelve “Classic” models reach a maximum gauge pressure of 10 bar. The whole “Classic” range features quality drive motors and high-grade compressor blocks manufactured by Kaeser, thus ensuring performance, longevity, versatility and reliability. Standardized modular construction and an array of attractive options make the “Classic” range super cost-effective.

B-Premium-Classic-webKaeser’s new “Premium” range comprises sturdy and efficient compressors designed to cope with the hard workload typical in a craftsman’s workshop.

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