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“Premium Car” workshop compressors from Kaeser


Optimum Durability and Performance


Conditions are often tough when carrying out construction and renovation work, so trades people protect themselves accordingly. But what protection does a compressor have? This was given considerable thought at Kaeser when designing the new “Premium Car 250/30 W” and it’s certainly built for the job.

With their durable design, Kaeser’s “Premium Car” models are the ideal compact compressors for use on construction sites and in environments with tough working conditions: The compressor unit and fittings are protected from external damage by a frame featuring integrated transportation lugs and a strong cover plate. With available displacement volumes from 150 to 660 l/min, drive powers from 1.1 to 3 kW and air receiver capacities from 16 to 70 litres, the “Premium Car” series is perfectly suited to a wide range of compressed air applications.
However, it’s not just the frame and cover plate that are built to cope with the rugged conditions, as the core of these compressors is also designed with durability and performance in mind. The reciprocating compressor system comprises a compact and service-friendly unit with high-efficiency cooling that incorporates both the drive motor and compressor block within a single housing. A specially designed electric motor provides plenty of power, even with under-voltage caused by long power cables, which means that a normal 230 V power supply socket can be used even in conjunction with an extension cable. Only the 660 l/min version, the most powerful model in the range, requires a three-phase connection.

The compressor’s high quality cylinder is machined using a special finishing process to ensure maximum durability. This, combined with corrosion-resistant valves with stainless steel reeds and travel-limiters, makes for exceptional reliability, minimum maintenance requirement and long service life.

With their compact size and light operational weight, all “Premium Car” models are simple to transport and fit effortlessly into the luggage storage area of a normal car. In addition, the compressors’ low centre of gravity also ensures that the units won’t flip over during transportation, even when taking corners at speed. Having arrived at the work site, the compressors are quickly ready for use and can be easily moved to where they are needed simply by using the transport grip and wheels.

B-Premium-car300-web“Premium Car” reciprocating compressors from Kaeser are designed to cope with the toughest of working conditions and provide reliable and efficient compressed air production.

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