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Dental compressors with sound enclosure


Super-silent Performance


High sound levels are never welcome in dental practices or laboratories, which is why equipment manufacturers continually strive to ensure that their products operate as quietly as possible – and Kaeser Kompressoren is no exception: For example, the 1, 3 and 5 models from the Dental compressor series can be equipped with highly effective sound enclosures to deliver super-silent performance of 52 or 60 dB (A) – depending on model – placing them amongst the quietest units on the market.

The sound enclosure is available as a metal powder-coated version with a smooth surface to ensure simple and effective disinfection. Furthermore, retrofitting the enclosure couldn’t be easier, as there’s no need to disconnect the standard non-soundproofed compressor from the compressed air supply system during installation. Also, the enclosure doesn’t require a separate power connection, as ventilation is provided by the compressor’s large fan rather than a smaller separate fan integrated into the enclosure, as is normally the case. The enclosure incorporates generously sized louvered vents that are sound-damped for intake-, cooling- and exhaust-air, whilst a smaller opening enables easy access to the pressure switch and allows inspection of system operating pressure. As no condensate accumulation occurs, no additional maintenance access is necessary.
Depending on the model, Kaeser’s Dental series compressors provide a reliable source of compressed air to between 1 and 5 treatment units and allow simultaneous use of one, two or three air-powered instruments. With peak air deliveries of 65, 158 and 262 l/min at 5 bar and a continuous output of 52, 135 and 225 l/min (also at 5 bar) respectively, the 1, 3 and 5 Dental series compressor models from Kaeser are true compressed air powerhouses.
Each unit comes with a smaller air receiver than would normally be provided, as they are required only to bridge the dryer’s regeneration phase.
All Kaeser Dental series compressors are manufactured in Germany to the very highest quality standards and combine exceptional performance with energy-saving compressed air drying.
Kaeser uses a special machining process to produce a perfect finish on the inside wall of all Dental series cylinder blocks, which makes running-in of these oil-free reciprocating compressors unnecessary, as no significant wear takes place after the unit is started for the first time. This also extends the service life of the compressor filter.
In addition, a “Seccomat” desiccant dryer with an integrated fine filter is installed downstream from the compressor to ensure optimised compressed air treatment, whilst Kaeser’s "Permanent Power System" (PPS) enables 100% compressor duty cycles and provides highly efficient control. PPS increases actual air delivery by more than 60 % compared to an equivalent compressor with a conventional 60% duty cycle and guarantees a dependable compressed air supply even under conditions with high air demand. Consequently, motor switching frequency is reduced resulting in considerably extended service life.
Last, but not least, Dental series compressors require minimal maintenance: In the event that a compressor block does need servicing, all the service technician has to do is replace the guide ring on the piston rather than replace the entire block. The same applies to the dryer: Instead of replacing the whole dryer unit, only the desiccant and the fine filter need to be changed.

B-Dental Enclosure webKaeser “Dental” series compressors equipped with sound enclosures combine super-silent performance and efficiency to ensure a dependable supply of quality compressed air that meets the needs of today’s dental practices and laboratories.

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