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Price-effective production of compressed air up to 25 bar



Compressed air provides the vehicle workshop with a versatile and cost-effective source of energy. Beside the normal supply of what is commonly called "shop air" at about 6 bar, many users, particularly commercial vehicle workshops need air for some applications at the higher pressure of 25 bar. These include truck and bus tyre inflating and control air for brake testing rigs.

Generally the most economic means of supplying this demand is to use a rotary screw compressor to produce the 6 bar air and a booster to compress some of this air further to the higher pressure needed. The N 60 G is the booster offered by Kaeser as the most cost-effective solution for this application.
This new machine, a single cylinder reciprocating compressor with a 2.2 kW drive turning it at the relatively low speed of 1040 rpm, takes shop air at about 5 bar and boosts it to a final pressure of 25 bar at the rate of 280 litres per minute. The machine uses a highly efficient oil lubrication system and can be equipped with pre and final pressure monitoring. Low maintenance V-belts provide optimum power transmission from the motor to the compressor block pulley that also acts as a fan to blow cooling air over the cylinder head. A generously dimensioned aftercooler brings down the temperature of the boosted air to suit downstream treatment components. The combination of an N 60 G booster and a Kaeser rotary screw or reciprocating compressor provides a cost-effective, energy-saving and highly reliable source of 25 bar compressed air at for the above and other applications.

B-Booster-N60G-webThe new N 60 G offers commercial vehicle workshops a cost-effective and energy-saving source of 25 bar compressed air.

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